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Dec 14, 2023 07:20PM ● By Staff Writer

There are over 70+ deals at 15% of every sale goes to local nonprofits. You can also click on the Dining for Charities QR code that is located on these pages. 


When you participate at DININGFORCHARITIESGA.COM you are helping local businesses because you are buying local services. Yes, you get a great discount, but at the same time you are supporting local business and just as important you are giving back to the local nonprofits that are supported through Dining for Charities.  YOU GET A DEAL WHILE SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES AND LOCAL NONPROFITS.  Sounds like a pretty big WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone. 


Here are some recently added deals to go with the already outstanding deals located at   


It’s the new year and to help your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight check out this deal from Wellness Weight Loss Center.  $250 value for only $100. Certificate can be used for weight loss or other treatment packages. Click on the Wellness Wight Loss Center to read about this deal. 


The Blue Canary Record store on Broadway. Love this deal. Go check out the record store.  


219 Food & Spirits and 219 Southern Market. Both of these are located out in Fortson. Really only a 15 to 20 minute drive and you are going to love these deals.   


Chef Lee’s Peking Restaurant serving up a very healthy menu including their HOT-POTS. The food is really good and you will love this deal! 


Conquistador over in Auburn/Opelika is quickly becoming known for their Spanish American Cuisine. The creation of Cesar from Bodega 1205 in Columbus. This restaurant is putting out some great flavors for lunch and dinner. Get your deal at Dining for Charities and go try this restaurant.  


Poco Locos in Smiths Station is really putting out great Mexican Food. Great atmosphere and fantastic menu. $25 value for only $15. This deal comes as 2 $12.50 certificates---which you will love because you are going to want to back over and over. 


Urban Air is offering their Ultimate Pass for only $15 at Parents and kids will have fun here. Parents don’t be afraid to show your kids how to ride the rides. You’ll have as much fun as your kids do. 


Smoke Bourbon and BBQ on Broadway in downtown Columbus. This place is great and offers a great menu and a full bar that serves a smoke bourbon drink that is so smooth. Lunch and dinner served daily.   


Snacks Chabelita is an incredible FIND. Locate on Warm Springs Rd in a little center across from FED EX. Snacks Chabelita locally owned and serving up authentic Mexican flavors. This is a store/restaurant and the food is incredible. Surprise yourself and get this deal and go try Snacks Chabelita. You will quickly become a regular.   


Fliberto’s is located inside the Banks Food Hall on Bay Ave. Fliberto’s serves up Authentic Filipino Cuisine. For the longest time you could only find them at street fairs and special events. They now have their own restaurant and serve up some great food that you need to try. Get your deal at and not only get a great deal but you will love this food. 


Parlor Doughnuts just opened up on 13th Street in the new Highside Market. These are not your typical doughnuts. Having just opened up in the last month chances are you haven’t been in there yet. Get their deal at and go try them.  WOW!   


GOLFERS----here is a deal for you. Play the FORT MOORE GOLF COURSE. This is a great deal for 2 golfers.  $44 Value for only $22. You still have to buy the golf cart but your round of golf is now half price when you get there deal at  Or click on the QR code on this page to buy your deal. If you didn’t know you can play the golf course at FORT MORE---well you can. Enjoy teeing it up on the base.