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Generosity Knows No Bounds: Roxanne Thompson Wins Hearts with Selfless Act in WLTZ and Hobbytown Toy Drive

Dec 28, 2023 08:44AM ● By Desi Phillips

In a heartwarming turn of events, the winner of this year's WLTZ and Hobbytown Toy Drive has emerged not only as a recipient of goodwill but as a shining example of generosity. Roxanne Thompson, the Grand Prize winner, not only claimed the prize but went above and beyond by selflessly donating all her winnings back to the toy drive.


The WLTZ and Hobbytown Toy Drive, a collaborative effort to bring joy to children during the holiday season, received a remarkable boost from Roxanne's unexpected and heartfelt gesture. Not only did she contribute her winnings, but she also dug deeper into her pockets, generously adding more of her own money to purchase gifts to fill a toy drive box.

Roxanne's commitment to the spirit of giving has left a lasting impression on the community. Her act of kindness not only amplifies the true essence of the holiday season but also serves as an inspiration for others to join in the collective effort to spread joy and happiness.

This remarkable display of generosity resonates deeply with the values upheld by WLTZ and Hobbytown, fostering a sense of community and togetherness. It is individuals like Roxanne Thompson who embody the true meaning of the holiday season, reminding us all that, sometimes, the most significant gifts come from the heart.

As we celebrate the success of the WLTZ and Hobbytown Toy Drive, let Roxanne's selfless act serve as a reminder that, in the midst of our daily routines and responsibilities, the spirit of giving can illuminate even the darkest corners. Her contribution not only enriches the lives of the children who will receive these gifts but also enriches the collective spirit of our community.

In the spirit of Roxanne's generosity, let us all be inspired to give a little more, to share a little more, and to make our community a brighter and warmer place for everyone, especially during this festive season.