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Unforgettable Events at the Springer Opera Theatre

Feb 01, 2024 03:13PM ● By Staff Writer

Opening Weekend Bonus Entertainment: Free Events at the Springer

Opening weekend at the Springer Theatre is magic! And now, Georgia's historic state theatre continues to bring the magic of the stage up close and personal to audiences by hosting a trio of exciting events, all free of charge. From a live lunch series that features performances from our popular stage musicals like “Elvis: A Musical Revolution,”  “Cabaret,” and “Elf the Musical,” to an encore performance series that extends the rush of opening night, topped off with a cast talk back revealing behind-the-scenes anecdotes – this lineup promises a treat that can't be found anywhere else.

Actor Christian Becerra performs a song from Cabaret during Springer Unplugged


 Springer Unplugged Live Lunch: Eat, Drink, and Enjoy the Show

The festivities begin with Springer Unplugged, midday entertainment in the Players Saloon for theater enthusiasts who want a sneak peek at what's on stage now. It's an opportunity to "get a taste of" performing arts entertainment at no cost other than the optional lunch purchase. Cast members from prior productions, including "Elvis: A Musical Revolution" and "Cabaret," have wowed the audience with live vocals and opened up to share personal stories of being in the spotlight and backstage at the Springer. 


Springer Encore: Keeping the Curtains Up After the Final Bow

For those hungry for more, the Springer Encore keeps the action alive and the energy turned up after the final curtain falls. It's a post-show encore performance that puts the audience at the heart of the action as cast members perform show songs with a few extra classics from the American Songbook thrown in. Included with the cost of a ticket, it's a bonus that brings the best of the stage back for one more take! 


 Actors Daniel Durston and Courtlyn Holt portrayed Elvis and girlfriend Dixie in Elvis A Musical Revolution


Springer Speaks Cast Talk Back: Unveiling Behind-the-Scenes Magic

Opening weekend concludes with a Sunday afternoon talk-back event, where the spotlight shifts from the stage to the actors themselves. Audiences are invited to ask questions, gain insights into the production process, and learn more about the characters and the story. It's a great chance to connect with the performers and dive into the world of the play.


Event Details:

  • Springer Unplugged Live Lunch Series: Opening weekends, Friday at Noon in the Players Saloon. Purchase a lunch or bring your own!
  • Springer Encore Series: Opening weekends, immediately following the Saturday evening performance. 
  • Springer Speaks Cast Talk Back: Opening weekends, in the Players Saloon, immediately following the Sunday matinee show. 


All events take place at the Springer Opera House Theatre, 103 10th Street, Columbus. Admission is free, offering an excellent opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the arts. For further information and updates, visit