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March is Poison Prevention Month

Mar 14, 2024 08:36AM ● By Desi Phillips

As spring unfolds, we turn our attention to a critical aspect of child safety: poison prevention. March is designated as Poison Prevention Month, and Safe Kids Columbus is at the forefront of this educational effort.

The Reality of Accidental Poisonings

Accidental poisonings happen swiftly, often when we least expect them. Household items—medications, cleaning products, and even common plants—can pose risks to curious children. Here’s why poison prevention matters:

  1. Speed Matters: A misplaced pill, a sip from a cleaning solution—the clock ticks, and every second counts.
  2. The Lifesaving Shield: Just as a bike helmet protects a child’s head during a fall, our vigilance shields them from unseen threats.
  3. Knowledge Empowers: We learn to secure medications, lock away cleaning supplies, and choose houseplants wisely. We teach our children the language of safety.


Safe Kids Columbus: Beyond Helmets

Safe Kids Columbus extends its safety net beyond bike helmets. Here’s how:

1. Medicine Safety

  • Storage: Keep medications out of reach and sight. Purses, counters, and nightstands are common places.
  • Dosing Devices: Use the dosing device that comes with liquid medicine; kitchen spoons aren’t accurate.
  • Clear Instructions: Provide caregivers with clear instructions about your child’s medicine.

2. Plant Awareness

  • Houseplants: Some plants are toxic if ingested. Research the plants in your home and ensure they are safe for children.

3. Emergency Preparedness

  • First Aid Kit: Have a well-stocked first aid kit at home, including items like activated charcoal (for poison absorption) and syrup of ipecac (only use if advised by a professional).

A Call to Action

As March unfolds, let’s secure our cabinets, label our cleaning supplies, and choose our plants wisely. Let’s be guardians, not just of our children’s heads but of their hearts, minds, and curious souls.

Remember, a little prevention goes a long way. Let’s keep our homes safe, our children protected, and March a month of vigilance against accidental poisonings.