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Making a Difference: How Dining for Charities Helps Local Nonprofits Thrive

In the Columbus TV Market, NBC 38 and SagamoreHill Broadcasting have launched a remarkable initiative for the past five years. Through their partnership with Dining for Charities (DFC), they've orchestrated a community of giving, resulting in over $110,000 in donations to local nonprofits. It's a testament to the power of collective generosity, fueled by the unwavering support of viewers and dedicated deal partners. 


At the helm of this  endeavor stands Bill Evans, the visionary Founder of Dining for Charities and Director of Sales for NBC 38. With a keen eye for innovation and a heart for community service, Evans has crafted a unique platform where every transaction becomes an opportunity to make a difference. He recognizes the challenges faced by businesses and individuals amidst the tumultuous tides of inflation, where the margin for giving back often becomes razor-thin. Through Dining for Charities, Evans has forged a pathway where giving is not only accessible but ingrained in the fabric of everyday life.

 "The cost of inflation driving up food prices, delivery costs, employee costs, etc. makes it hard for businesses, their customers, and a lot of times the first thing cut from everyone’s budget is 'giving back' to nonprofits," explained Bill Evans, Founder of Dining for Charities and Director of Sales for NBC 38. "Dining for Charities helps our viewers save money on services they use daily and at the same time delivers new customers to our deal and business partners. And every transaction creates a donation for our local nonprofits. It’s win-win-win for everyone."


The essence of Dining for Charities lies in its simplicity yet profound impact. By becoming a DFC customer, individuals unlock a realm of savings ranging from 20 to 50% on essential services, all while channeling a generous portion—15%—towards local nonprofits. It's a virtuous cycle where savings meet philanthropy, empowering individuals to stretch their dollars further while enriching the lives of those in need.

Navigating the Dining for Charities landscape is as effortless as it is rewarding. Prospective patrons can seamlessly embark on their journey towards savings and social impact by visiting Here, they're met with a treasure trove of opportunities to make a difference, one purchase at a time. Moreover, for businesses seeking to express gratitude to their loyal clientele or dedicated employees, Dining for Charities offers a bespoke rewards program—an avenue to say "thank you" while paying it forward to the community.

Dining for Charities goes beyond simple transactions, turning every interaction into a force for positive transformation. It exemplifies the strength of collective effort, where every dollar saved breathes life into local nonprofits, and every expression of appreciation kindles the fire of community spirit. United in their commitment to compassion and giving, NBC 38, SagamoreHill Broadcasting, and Dining for Charities emerge as beacons of hope, guiding the way toward a more radiant and inclusive tomorrow for everyone.